Orchestra and Wind Ensemble

Engulfing Sorrow (2020)

Commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Gustavo Gimeno
Duration: 5 minutes

Vicious Cycle (2020)

Mississauga Symphony Orchestra, Denis Mastromonaco conducting
Duration: 6 minutes

Continuum (2019)

University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Uri Meyer conducting
Duration: 2 minutes

Dots and Lines (2018)

l’Orchestre de la Francophonie, Simon Rivard conducting
Instrumentation:||3 perc.|Harp|Cel.|Strings
Duration: 5 minutes

Black Waltz (2016)

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Julian Pelicano conducting
Instrumentation:||3 perc.|Harp|Strings
Duration: 3 minutes

Flow (2016)

University of Toronto Wind Symphony, Jeffrey Reynolds conducting
Instrumentation: 3+picc.2.3+bcl.2.|||Euph.|T+4|String Bass
Duration: 10 minutes

Genesis (2015)

Brussels Philharmonic, Franck Ollu conducting
Instrumentation:||3 perc.|Harp|Pno.|Strings
Duration: 12 minutes & 45 seconds

Centennial Fanfare (2015)

McGill Wind Symphony, Alain Cazes conducting
Instrumentation: 2+picc.1.3+bcl.|||Euph.|T+4
Duration: 3 minutes

Toward Light (2013)

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Gordon Gerrard conducting
Duration: 6 minutes

Down the Rabbit Hole (2012)

Victoria Symphony Orchestra, Tania Miller conducting
Instrumentation: Strings only ( minimum)
Duration: 7 minutes

Jest (2011)

Victoria Symphony Orchestra, Guiseppe Petraroia conducting
Duration: 5 minutes

Three Musings (2010)

Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Gary Kulesha conducting
Duration: 8 minutes & 40 seconds

Laid Back (2010)

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Pierre Simard conducting
Duration: 2 minutes

Remembrances (2009)

Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Mikel Toms conducting
Instrumentation:||T+2 perc.|Harp|Strings
Duration: 6 minutes