Toward Light

Duration:               6 minutes
Year:                        2012

Audio Excerpt:

Program Notes:

    Toward Light (2012) is a dashing and forward driving tone poem for large orchestra. The piece is in a loose knit three part form, with a two fast sections and a slower and mellower middle. was originally conceived to be large scale “Theme and Variations” for orchestra, but changed its direction once I realized that it would work better as a free form tone poem.  As a result, I kept some of the remnants from a previous sketch to work it into the composition that you are about to hear.­­­­

Score Preview:

Performance History:

–  September 22nd, 2016.  Niagara Symphony Orchestra, Partridge Hall, St. Catherines, ON.  Bradley Thachuk conducting.
–  March 21st, 2013. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Jean Coulthard Reading Sessions, Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver BC. Gordon Gerrard conducting.