To Earth (2021)

Performed by Bryan Young (bassoon) and Annie Center (piano)

Release (2019)

Performed by Elizabeth White Clark, Field Hall, Curtis Institute of Music
April 7, 2019

Yellow Crane Tower (2020)

Performed by the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra and the China National Orchestra Chorus, Lin Daye – Conductor

Radiant Light (2017)

Performed by the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. Sheng solo: Hua Yifei. Conductor, Zhang Liang.

Speak, My Soul (2016)

Performed by Jeffrey Leung (sax.) and Liz Ames (piano)

Genesis (2015)

Performed by the Florida State University Symphony Orchestra, James Chang – Conductor

Memories (2014)

Performed by Ryan Scott (Marimba) and Sanya Eng (harp)

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