Radiant Light (2017) – for sheng and orchestra
Performed by the Shanghai Philharmonic and Hua Yifei

Genesis (2015) – for symphony orchestra
Performed by the Florida State University Symphony | Feb 2017

And the Ocean was Gone (2016) – for four voices and chamber ensemble
Performed by members of Symphony Nova Scotia and Fellows of the Lunenburg Academy | June 2016

Breathe (2015) – for string quartet
Performed by the Cecilia String Quartet | March 2016

Preludes (2015) – for clarinet quartet [movement 1]
Performed by Jack Liang, Dana Sloter, Jeremy Ruth, Patrick Englert | April 2015

Memories (2014) – for harp and marimba
Performed by Sanya Eng (Harp) and Ryan Scott (Marimba) | September 2014

Blues n’Grooves (2014) – for erhu and piano
Performed by Nicole Li (erhu) and Corey Hamm (piano) | May 2014

The Finding (2014) – for soprano and piano
Performed by Phoebe MacRae (Sop.) and Margaret Witvoet (piano) | June 2014

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