Yellow Crane Tower

Duration: 5 minutes 30 seconds
Instrumentation: tenor, baritone, chorus, orchestra
Year: 2020

Program Notes

Yellow Crane Tower is an 8th century AD Tang Dynasty poem by Cui Hao, and is based on the iconic tower of the same name in Wuhan, China. The poem’s powerful effect comes from the use of imagery from the natural world to illustrate the poet’s melancholy. Words such as the “clouds wandering for a thousand years”, to the “Hanyang Tree” and “Misty River” conjure scenes from a romantic idyll. The tenor and baritone deliver the lines of the poet while the chorus reiterates and supports the soloists, adding another layer of sound to the orchestra.

The piece won grand prize in the iSing! International Composition Competition.


Full Score – $70 CAD
Piano Score – $15 CAD
Payable via Paypal. Score sent to buyer within 48 hours of purchase.
Please list your title and contact information in purchase comments.

World Premiere
November 24, 2020
Tenor -Artem Tarasenko
Baritone – Zhou Zheng Zong
Suzhou Symphony Orchestra
China National Orchestra Chorus
Lin Daye, conductor
Suzhou Concert Hall

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