Sinfonia Concertante

(alt. double wind version available)
Duration:                 11 minutes
Year:                         2014

Audio Excerpt:

Program Notes:

 Commissioned as a result of winning the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra`s Young Composers competition in 2013, Sinfonia Concertante is a high energy concerto featuring the musicians in the NSYO percussion section.  After winning the NSYO competition for composers in 2013, I was given around 8 months to come up with an idea for a new 10 minute piece for the youth orchestra.  With the deadline approaching and nothing coming to me, I decided that it was time to change directions and to think about a new perspective towards this piece.

    I’ve always loved the power and immediacy of the percussion section, especially in 20th and 21st century orchestral repertoire.  As a result, I turned my attention to writing a concerto for the percussion section, which as it turns out, was a very strong section in the NSYO.  One month later, Sinfonia Concertante was created after days of frantic work in January 2014.

    The piece is in a rough Ternary form, grouped by orchestral bookends in the form a brass chorale. The first section is high energy and intense, growing out of a prolonged Bass Drum rumble from the first percussion. I imagined a sort of ritualistic dance, thus the first minute of music features only percussion playing on repeated patterns. A brass chorale marks the entrance of the full orchestra, which leads us into the exposition. The second section is lyrical and ethereal, featuring solos for the mallets (vibraphone, glockenspiel) and the strings.

Score Preview:

Performance History:

–  April 26th, 2014, Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra @ Wolfville Baptist Church, Nova Scotia.  Dinuk Wjeratne, cond.
–  April 27th, 2014, Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra @ St. Andrews United Church, Halifax.  Dinuk Wjeratne, cond.
– May 9, 2015, Hong Kong Philharmonic @ Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium, Hong Kong.  Bright Sheng, cond.
– Oct 29, 2016, Guelph Symphony Orchestra @ River Run Center, Guelph, Ontario.
Judith Yan, cond.

Awards and Recognition:

– Austin Civic Orchestra Composition Competition 2016 – Runner up