Vicious Cycle

Duration: 6 minutes 30 seconds
Instrumentation: 2222/4231/T+2/Stings
Year: 2020

Program Notes

Vicious Cycle was inspired by the work and ethos of Beethoven. In the hubbub that was Beethoven’s 250th celebrations, the piece focuses on the sense of drama and wild contrast that Beethoven infused in his piece. The work begins with a tutti chord in C minor – reminiscent of the chords at the beginning of Eroica. Whereas the chords in Eroica give way to a bold theme in Eb major, the chords lead to a driving ostinato in the xylophone and strings which builds tension throughout.

The title was chosen to reflect the feeling of being trapped in a perpetual struggle. Beethoven was well-known for being plagued by deafness at the end of his life, and I wanted to reflect the sense of struggle through the buildup of tension here.

The work was the winning piece in the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra’s Composer Competition in 2020. Premiere TBA.

Score Samples

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