Laid Back

Duration:                 3 minutes
Year:                          2010

Complete Performance:

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Program Notes:

    Laid Back (2010) is a jovial little piece for orchestra that was inspired by the blues and jazz.  I have always been a big fan of these genres and I attempt to create my own blend of the two in this piece.  It is essentially divided into a brief ABA form, with the A section characterized by a short melodic motif underscored by the strings, and the B section featuring a walking pizzicato bass along with a drum kit.  The piece was originally a part of Three Musings, but was later taken out and made its own stand-alone piece.

Performance History:

–  April 17th, 2011, Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra @ Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, ON.  Graham Coles conducting.
–  March 26th, 2011, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Jean Coulthard Readings @ Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC.  Pierre Simard condcuting.


–  Winner, Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra National Student Composers Competition 2011