PC: David Chen
PC: David Chen


Acclaimed by the Vancouver Sun as a composer “glittering with professionalism”, Hong Kong-Canadian composer Roydon Tse (b.1991) is passionate about communicating to audiences from all backgrounds with his music.  He received his first professional commission from the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra when he was 16 under the ESO Young Composers’ Project, and he has since embarked on an exciting journey in the world of music composition.

A prolific composer of works for symphony orchestras to chamber ensembles, Roydon’s music has been championed by performers across North America (at the Kennedy Center) as well as further afield in the UK, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, Australia, and China.   He has collaborated with the Philharmonic Orchestras of Hong Kong, Brussels & Brno, the Symphony Orchestras of Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, & Niagara, the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, Tafelmusik, Orchestre Nouvelle Generation, Land’s End Ensemble, Locrian Chamber Players, Ensemble Mise-en, Trio Anima Mundi, Delgani String Quartet, Cecilia String Quartet, Bozzini String Quartet, and Vanguard Voices in addition to many distinguished soloists.  Recently completed projects include a Sheng concerto for the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Zhang Liang, and a duet for Flute and Bass Clarinet for Access Contemporary Music Chicago.

A multiple award-winning composer, Roydon has won three prizes from the SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers, the Washington International Composition Competition, Canadian University Music Society Competition for Composers, Sun River Prize International Composition Competition, Land’s End Ensemble’s National Composition Competition, the Canadian Music Center Prairies Emerging Composer Prize, Trio Anima Mundi International Composition Prize, Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers, and the Vanguard Voices Choral Composition Competition.  He was nominated for the presigious Rhodes Scholarship by UBC in 2013, and in 2017, was named one of “30 under 30 Hot Canadian classical Musicians” by the CBC.

Born in Hong Kong, Roydon is currently a 3rd year D.M.A student in composition at the University of Toronto, and holds degrees from the University of British Columbia (B.Mus) and the University of Toronto (M.Mus).  Before immigrating to Canada in 2007, he spent five years in Eastbourne (U.K.) where he studied piano and violin.  Key to his formation as a composer were studies with Dorothy Chang, Christos Hatzis, Gary Kulesha, Stephen Chatman, John Estacio, and Norbert Palej.  In addition to composition, he holds a Licentiate in Piano Performance from the Royal Schools of Music (U.K.).

Roydon is currently based in Toronto, where he is an associate member of SOCAN, SCI, the Canadian League of Composers, and the Canadian Music Center.  A growing selection of his works are available either through the Canadian Music Center or by contacting the composer directly.

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PC: Tim Blonk

谢恺泽是一位屡获殊荣的加拿大华人作曲家。温哥华太阳报曾说他迸发专业精神(a composer glittering with professionalism); 作曲家Christos Hatzis也指出他的音乐远超过他的年龄。谢恺泽作曲从心出发,对象包括初次音乐聆听者, 以至顶级古典音乐鉴赏家, 慕求透过音乐, 激发不同背景的听众。

他的作品已被多个乐团演出,地域横跨北美、欧洲、澳大利亚和中国, 地点有华盛顿肯尼迪演艺中心, 演出乐团包括香港管弦乐团、布尔诺交响乐团、多伦多交响乐团、温哥华交响乐团、温尼伯交响乐团、基奇纳– 滑铁卢交响乐团、维多利亚交响乐团、埃德蒙顿交响乐团、蒙特利尔当代乐团、加拿大铜管乐团、日出、西西里和波西里弦乐四重奏乐团等等。

近期作品包括为多伦多大学歌剧公司编写歌剧室乐、获委为母校哥伦比亚大学音乐会乐队编写乐章, 以庆祝母校建校100周年、并以创世记故事为题, 编写大型管弦乐作品作为硕士论文。他的合唱作品“神啊,给我一颗纯洁的心” 于2014年由密西沙加节合唱团在欧洲巡回演出, 今年拿索斯(Naxos) 在US label Ablaze Records发布他的管弦乐作品名为“回忆”。

在国际乐坛被誉为后起之秀的谢恺泽,赢取的奖项包括2015年华盛顿国际作曲比赛,2014年加拿大音乐中心大草原新兴作曲家奖,东卡罗来纳大学新兴音乐管弦乐作曲比赛,2013 Trio Anima Mundi 国际作曲家比赛,温哥华室乐合唱团青年作曲家比赛和罗伯特·阿瓦隆(Robert Avalon)国际作曲家大赛。

谢恺泽出生于香港,少年时在英国和加拿大学习钢琴和作曲。除了获得哥伦比亚大学作曲学士学位外, 还持有多伦多大学作曲硕士学位,目前正于多伦多大学攻读作曲博士学位。

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