To Earth

Duration: 12 minutes
Year: 2021

Audio Excerpt

Program Notes

To Earth (2021) is my first major work for bassoon and piano and was commissioned by the International Double Reed Society celebrating their 50th anniversary. The characteristic warmth and tonal range of the bassoon led me to choose the instrument my primary subject, and through it, I wanted to explore the full breadth of its range in a virtuosic setting. Both piano and bassoon are equal partners in this composition.

The piece is based on descending lines, hence the title, “To Earth”. Starting with a gentle piano accompaniment, the basson and piano begin an extended dialogue that slowly winds towards the lower registers. Beginning at first in a somber mood, the piece however takes surprising twists in the middle. An extended cadenza for the bassoon follows before the duo hurtles towards the finish line at breakneck speed.

A special thanks to Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s principal bassoon, Bianca Chambul, for her editorial suggestions and notes during the process.

Performance History

  • July 31, 2021, Bryan Young, Bassoon; Annie Center, Piano
    IDRS 2nd Virtual Symposium
    Denver, CO, USA



Full Score & Parts – $35 CAD | Bassoon part – $15 CAD
Payable via Paypal. Score sent within 48 hours of purchase.

Score Samples

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