Compositions selected for RCM Piano Syllabus

March 28 – It is an honor to have my complete solo piano repertoire included in the newest edition of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s 2022 Piano Syllabus! Updated every seven years, the current syllabus features a comprehensive list of composers, including several living Canadian composers. This year’s revision includes four of my compositions written over the course of eleven years, beginning with my earliest piece Moments of Rain (2009) to Etudes No.1 & 2 (2021), written just recently for two students of mine.

Represented pieces include Etude No.1 – Spiral (RCM 3, List C, syllabus page 36), Moments of Rain (RCM 9, List D, syllabus page 88), Circus Variations & Nocturnal (ARCT, List E, syllabus page 107). All of the works can be purchased as PDF copies via the links above. Below are excerpts from Circus Variations and Nocturnal, performed by pianists Chris Morano and Jessica Zhang respectively.

Circus Variations – Excerpt
Sample from Circus Variations
Nocturnal – Movement IV
Sample from Nocturnal

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