Etudes No.1 & 2

Duration: 3 minutes
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
Year: 2021

Audio Excerpt

Coming soon!

Program Notes

Etudes No.1 & 2 are the first two pieces in the beginning of a series of beginner-to-intermediate studies for piano. Etude No.1 – Spiral, explores the chromatically descending chords and test the performer’s ability to play legato and softly. Etude No.2 – Ocean, is a study on harmony and chords. The Etude introduces 7th chords to young pianists and test the ability to voice large chords.

As time allows, more etudes will be added to this set to create a full book of Etudes for beginner pianists. Etude No.1 is currently featured in the Royal Conservatory of Music 2022 Piano Syllabus, Grade 3 List C, Repertoire.


Full Score – $6 CAD
Payable via Paypal. Score sent to buyer within 48 hours of purchase.

Score Samples

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