Vancouver Chamber Choir Interplay Workshop

Mar 8 – The last few months have been a crazy time for the world, and during these dark times, the act of creation and art-making can seem like a futile exercise in the face of all that is terrible. However, I do believe that art, and especially music, has a place in all these events to speak through the barrage of news and propaganda and directly to the hearts and minds of listeners.

I am excited to announce that my choral work “I Wait” (2021) for SATB choir will be workshopped by the Vancouver Chamber Choir in April, at the Orpheum Annex on April 5. The piece sets a few simple lines from Psalm 130 and is about the yearning desire for a better world, for justice and for the return of God.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir

I look forward to the event and also posting more in the future with some exciting updates of coming performances, commissions and collaborations. When I post next, I hope, and pray, that the world will be a slightly better and brighter place than where we are today.

Published by Roydon Tse

Canadian Composer

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