JM Canada Foundation ‘Domicile Adore’ Contest

Updated July 9, 2020

Since live music making is as of yet not an option, many musicians have been collaborating online to create performances in the age of social distancing. I myself am accustomed to writing for live performers, be it soloists or large orchestras. However, I was recently approached by cellist Noemie Raymond-Friset to compose a new work for 8 cellos all to be performed by herself! It was an exciting collaboration which turned into a multi-layered work for 8 cellos titled “CoVie-8”, which is a reference to the pandemic and an allusion to the cohabitation (in French) that many of us currently experience. This beautiful video rendition was then created by Boran Zaza who spliced 8 different versions of Noemie into the same frame!

On July 9, the JMC Foundation announced that our video was one of their top 10 winners in their “Domicile Adore” competition! So proud of our team Noemie and Boran who put in so much work to make this video stand out from over 170 entries from across Canada!! Click here to find the full list of winners in their contest.

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