As I write this, the world is coming to grips with one of the worst pandemics in the last century. The staggering scale of the pandemic is slowly becoming more apparent day-by-day as we are brought up-to-date through online news and social media. As I watch this unfold everyday, I am becoming ever more grateful for the fortunate position I am in as I am still healthy, have basics such as food, water, shelter and internet and can more or less work from home. However, the news has been like a wave of dread, with new numbers and outbreaks recorded everyday. We don’t know when we will get through this, and I pray for mercy and healing in this troubling time.

My main reason writing this post is to keep my viewers and listeners updated with concerts of my music. As a result of COVID-19, several concerts and premieres that were planned has been cancelled for the safety of the community. These cancellations are much needed and I applaud the artistic community for bravely taking action, as I recognize the financial difficulties that they face as a result. The three main events that will be moved to the next season are:

1) March 26 – Hamilton Philharmonic performs “Down the Rabbit Hole”
2) March 26 – Piano and Erhu Project performs “Horse Racing”
3) March 28 – Mississauga Symphony premieres “Vicious Cycle”

The exact dates have yet to be planned, but I hope to keep everyone updated when the dates are confirmed. Perhaps I will see some of you when this blows over.

For now, stay safe and healthy.

Published by Roydon Tse

Canadian Composer

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