String Quartet – Sprout

Duration: 8-9 minutes
Year: 2019

Program Notes

    Commissioned by the Interro String Quartet with financial support from the Ontario Arts Council, ‘SPROUT’ is an eight-minute work for string quartet inspired by images of nature.  A particular image that stood out to me is one of a small green seedling bursting from the soil.  The quartet is inspired by the feeling of optimism and vitality found in nature and uses imitation and natural harmonics to represent them.  While there are many seedlings that emerge from the soil every minute, not all mature to become the plants they are destined to be if they do not overcome challenges posed by the environment around them.  In contrast to the upbeat beginning, a slower and darker section represents the internal struggle against these challenges during seasons of growth. 

Score and Parts

Please contact the composer here for score and/or part purchase.

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