Duration: 8-9 minutes
Instrumentation: Bass Clarinet & MAX MSP (Live Electronics)
Year: 2022

Program Notes

Commissioned by Dr. Jack Liang, Silhouettes is a study on the use of live electronics with bass clarinet using MAX MSP.  Using objects within the MAX realm to create custom effects such as delay, variable pitch bends, harmony and reversed sound envelops, the electronics serve to augment the sound of the bass clarinet so that it is in dialogue with itself.  The title “Silhouettes” refer to the shadow of sound created via various delay objects.  The electronic components cast various silhouettes on the clarinet which morphs and changes throughout the piece.   

The composition was made possible by the generous support from the Ontario Arts Council.

Performance History

  • July 2, 2022
    International ClarinetFest 2022
    Dr. Jack Liang, Bass Clarinet & Electronics
    Reno, NV, USA



Full Score PDF & Max Patch – $15 CAD
Payable via Paypal. Score sent within 48 hours of purchase.

Score Samples

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