Selected Composer for the 2014 California State University Sacramento’s Commissioning Project

Between now and November 12th, I will be busy writing a chamber work for 10 players commissioned by the California State University of Sacramento Music Department.  The piece will be premiered at the University for an undergraduate research symposium on historical premieres, and will be centered on the well known poem Proud Music of the Storm written by Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892) from his collection, Leaves of Grass.

In addition to using a compulsory text, I will be writing for an unusual but exciting combination of instruments, featuring Piccolo/ Alto Flute, Soprano Flute, Alto Sax, Bass Trombone, Double Bass, Marimba, 2 Percussion, Soprano and Baritone.  The piece will be premiered by advanced students in performance at the University.

Date of Premiere:  December 10th, 2014.  4:30pm (Pacific Time)
Location:  Sacramento State Department of Music, Capistrano Hall, California, USA

Published by Roydon Tse

Canadian Composer

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