Access Contemporary Music Commissions New work Inspired by Architecture | Chicago USA

I’m delighted to announce that I was recently one of two composers selected to create a new work for Access Contemporary Music in Chicago!  I will be writing a new piece for clarinet and flute that is inspired by a piece of architecture in Chicago, in this case the historic Sedgwick Studios (dating from 1901) which currently houses a bustling artist’s studio.


Instead of it being premiered in the usual concert hall format, the piece will be performed in the space it is written for, all day, on October 14.  Thank you ACM for the wonderful opportunity!  Below is a more detailed description of the commission from ACM’s website:

ACM is partnering with the Chicago Architecture Foundation again this year for their exciting Open House Chicago event.  We’re working in two buildings: the Golden Triangle and Sedgwick Studios.

A composer has been commissioned for each building and will write a new piece of music for it and then on the day of the event, October 14, we’ll have musicians in each building playing the piece every 15 minutes for self-guided tours.

This year’s composers, chosen from a pool of nearly 200 submissions, are Joshua Marquez and Roydon Tse who will write for the Golden Triangle and Sedgwick studios respectively.  Read about them below and get full details on the project here.

Published by Roydon Tse

Canadian Composer

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