Guitar – Meditation

 guitar solo
Duration:                  7 minutes
Year:                            2014


Program Notes

Written for the 2014 edition of the “Class Axe Guitar Composition Workshop” in Toronto, Meditation is a piece for guitarist Rob MacDonald exploring the idea and process of meditation.

Throughout the workshop, I was introduced to many different techniques on the guitar, and was encouraged to start learning on the instrument.  I was amazed at the number of sounds the guitar was capable of producing, and embraced the instrument for its intimate and earthy nature.  Among the things that I wanted to explore was the use of artificial harmonics and using the guitar in its most natural state.  The piece begins with artificial harmonics, and I attempted to create a sense of sustain by alternating the strings on which the harmonics occurred.

Musically, Meditation is a personal narration of my attempt at finding inner peace.  In the midst of a big city, many urban dwellers like me find it difficult to find peace and quiet.  For many who are part of a religious practice, meditation is seen as an exercise that draws us closer to our creator and brings us in tune with our inner-being.  This piece is my perspective of that process, and while it is mostly serene, the music takes twists and turns that symbolize the distractions that intrude when we try hard to find serenity.  In the end, we need to simply let go and allow the music to bring stillness to the storm within.


  • Dec 18, 2014, Rob MacDonald
    Canadian Music Center, Toronto


Available online via the Canadian Music Center.

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