Piano – Circus Variations


Program Notes

    When one thinks of the term “Circus”, it can be associated with a travelling company of entertainers with trained animals (à la cirque du soleil), or a frenetic and disorganized display of disturbing nature. The variations are similar to the former definition, in that it serves to embody the kaleidoscopic nature of a performing troupe, as the performer takes on different roles according to the mood of the variation.  The theme for the piece comes from another work I wrote when I was 14, and from there, I wrote 12 variations in a variety of styles.

Perusal Score

Performance History

  • Mar 27, 2011, Christopher Morano
    The Western Front, Vancouver, BC
  • Apr 01, 2011, Christopher Morano
    University of British Columbia, Roy Barnett Hall
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Aug 12, 2018, Frank Gao
    Open Ears Festival, Millennium Stage
    Chicago, IL, USA



$12 CAD for a PDF of the score sent (within 24 hrs) to your email address.  Provide title of composition in payment comments.

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