String Quartet – Metropolis

 String Quartet
Duration:                 14 minutes
Year:                         2017


Program Notes

Generously commissioned by the Delgani String Quartet from Oregon, USA, Metropolis (2017) is a work that draws upon my memories of five different cities in which I have spent my formative years.  When I received the commission in October 2016, it was understood that the quartet will be featured alongside Smetana’s autobiographical From My Life quartet, and so my work would also be somewhat autobiographical in nature.  From this began a work that went many directions, but ultimately found itself leaning towards being cast in five different movements to represent the five places in my life.  The first movement “Hong Kong” captures the non-stop energy in this cosmopolitan city.  In complete contrast, the second movement “Eastbourne” explores quietly shifting harmonies reminiscent of the waves and seagulls.  The third movement “Edmonton” captures a sense of nostalgia and wintry lyricism while “Vancouver” (IV) evokes the tall fir trees that towers over  Point Grey where I completed my undergrad.  

Performance History

May 26, 2017 – Delgani String Quartet, New York City, USA
Apr 29, 2017 – Delgani String Quartet, Portland, OR, USA
Mar 21, 2017 – Delgani String Quartet, Eugene, OR, USA
Mar 12, 2017 – Delgani String Quartet, Salem, OR, USA