Rondo for Piano Trio and Flute

Piano, violin, flute, cello
Duration:                 5 minutes
Year:                           2012


Program Notes

As part of the Orford Arts Academy located in Orford Quebec (2 hours drive outside Montreal), eight emerging composers including myself were asked to write a short piece no longer than 6 minutes for a chamber ensemble comprising of piano, flute, violin, and cello.  It was harder than I expected, as no sounds seem to resonate with this particular instrumental choice.  I had never written a piece for piano trio and flute, and looked at some of the classical trios and piano quartets by Haydn for guidance and inspiration.  I chose to use a Rondo form (which is ABACA in structure for those who don’t know.  The “A” stands for the theme which repeats after a contrasting section.) as it suited the light character of the theme.

Performance History

  • Jul 13, 2012, Orford Contemporary Ensemble
    Orford Arts Center Composition Workshop
    Orford, QC, Canada
  • Nov 23, 2013, Robert Avalon Contemporary Ensemble
    Robert Avalon Competition Prize Gala, Houston
    TX, USA
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