Piano Trio – Lontano

 Piano, violin, cello
Duration:                  7 minutes
Year:                            2013

Complete Performance:


Program Notes:

Written during a time when friends of mine were facing the loss of family members, Lontano is a rich and romantic work that narrates the sorrows of being distanced from a loved one.  The piece is tempestuous and stormy at times, yet is interspersed with moments of reflection and intimacy.  Meaning “far away” in Italian, Lontano attempts to summarize an indescribable feeling of longing and nostalgia.

Performance History:

– Nov 2nd, 2013, Trio Anima Mundi @ The Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne, Australia
– Oct 23rd, 2013, Trio Anima Mundi @ Geelong, Australia.


–  1st place winner of the Trio Anima Mundi International Composition Prize, 2013