String Quartet – Kinetic Dissonance

Audio Excerpt

Program Notes

    “Kinetic Dissonance” was inspired by the movement of molecules and chemistry. The concept behind the piece came from an image that I had of molecules breaking apart a lattice structure. In chemistry, when any chemical is formed, energy is released. vice versa, when any chemical bond is broken, energy must be added. The piece opens with the strings in open 5ths, symbolizing the lattice structure of the molecules. Gradually, dissonance is introduced into the framework, which begins to disturb the established soundworld of the 5ths. Different types of dissonance is introduced into the framework, but in the end, the bonds remain intact and the molecule fizzles away.

    The work was written for the Bozzini Quartet Composers Lab in 2013.

Performance History

  • Jun 11, 2013, Bozzini String Quartet
    SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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