Brass Quintet – Festive Flourish

 Trumpet 1,2, Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba
Duration:                  3 minutes
Year:                           2012

Audio Excerpt:

University of British Columbia Brass Quintet

Program Notes:

  Commissioned by the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts as part of the Fanfare in the Foyer project, A Festive Flourish was written for brass quintet in the winter of 2012 and performed by members of the UBC School of Music at the Chan on the occasion of its 15th Anniversary.  There were very little requirements for the nature of the piece, except that it would be played as prelude to one of the main events going on at the Chan.  For the fanfare, I put together something that exhibited both the loud and lyrical side of this ensemble.

Performance History:

– Mar 25th 2012, the UBC Brass Quintet @ the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver, Canada.

Awards and Commission:

–  Commissioned by the Chan Centre with assistance from the UBC School of Music




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