Piano and Erhu Project to take “Blues n’Grooves” on China Tour through Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan| May 19-28

Since writing my short erhu and piano work “Blues n’Grooves” for Nicole Li and Corey Hamm back in 2014, the duo has consistently championed the piece by performing it across Canada and the US and recording it for their Vol.1 PEP CD last year, resulting in several radio broadcasts of the piece as well.  Now, the duo will take the piece alongside works by colleagues (and amazing composers!) Dorothy Chang, Keith Hamel, Stephen Chatman, Lucas Oickle, Scott Godin, Brian Cherney, Somei Satoh and Marc Mellits on a tour through China.  Venues they will hit include the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, the China Conservatory, Capitol Normal University, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and the Soochow University School of Music in major cities through China!

For more information: http://www.pep2016chinatour.com/

For PEP information: http://www.peppianoanderhuproject.com/

Published by Roydon Tse

Canadian Composer