Speak, My Soul

 alto saxophone and piano
Duration:                  5 minutes
Year:                            2016

Complete Performance:

Program Notes:

Commissioned by Jeffrey Leung and Co-Commissioned by Novus New Music Inc.

Speak, my soul (2016) is a still and deliberately simple piece for alto saxophone and piano.  The piece came about as a commission from Jeffrey Leung, who wanted a piece to showcase his lyrical side as a performer having already received many commissions that were quite fast and furious.  Personally speaking, it was a pleasure to write Silence, my soul since the piece preceded four other compositions that were extremely fast and taxing to write.  This piece for me was a point of reflection as I looked inward to create an emotional and sonic landscape that for me would be most genuine.  While the composition rests on simple harmonies that move slowly over the surface, the difficulty lies in the execution of the saxophone part which has to sustain extremely long notes.

Performance History:

– October 15, 2016, Jeffrey Leung (sax), Liz Ames (pno), University of Michigan Stampes Auditorium.  WORLD PREMIERE
– March 4, 2017, Jeffrey Leung (sax), Liz Ames (pno.), NASA Region V Conference, Fort Wayne Indiana, USA
– April 19, 2017, Matthew Rader (sax), Liz Ames (pno.), Northside Community Church, Ann Arbor Michigan, USA
– May 22, 2017, David Zucchi (sax.), Imma Setiadi (pno.), Royal College of Music Amaryllis Fleming Hall, London, UK
– December 2017, Azusa Ono (sax.), Musicasa Concert Hall, Shibuya-Tokyo, Japan