International Double Reed Society 50 for 50 Commission

Dec 23, 2020 – I’m very excited to be embarking on a new commission from the International Double Reed Society for a new work as part of their “50 for 50” scheme – a project that celebrates the 50 years of the society with 50 new works for double reeds and piano accompaniment. Congratulations alsoContinue reading “International Double Reed Society 50 for 50 Commission”

SOCAN Foundation Professional Development Grant

Dec 15, 2020 – I am grateful to recently receive a Professional Development Grant from the SOCAN Foundation! Earlier in June, I was a participant in the annual Charlotte Computer Music Workshop, where I had a chance to develop my skills in Max/MSP (a visual programming software for electronic music) over an intensive one-week period.Continue reading “SOCAN Foundation Professional Development Grant”

Commission for Piano Pinnacle

Dec 4, 2020 – As 2020 comes to a close, I am thankful for opportunities to continue working and writing during this year of cancellations and postponements. One such project that will be percolating this year and next is a new work for my friends Iman Habibi and Deborah Grimmett, aka Piano Pinnacle. With generousContinue reading “Commission for Piano Pinnacle”

SOCAN Foundation Award for Young Composers 2020

Sept 24, 2020 – I am immensely grateful for the continued support of the SOCAN Foundation in my journey as a composer. This year, my work “Release” for harp solo was awarded the 2nd prize in the solo/duet category in their national young composers competition. Many thanks to harpist Elizabeth White Clark who gave it’sContinue reading “SOCAN Foundation Award for Young Composers 2020”

Knox Toronto 200th Anniversary Commission

Sept 20, 2020 – This year marks the 200th anniversary of Toronto’s iconic Knox Presbyterian Church. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they have commissioned from me a new work for chorus, organ, and brass that celebrates their history and vision as a church that follows Jesus, loves the city, and serves the world. I amContinue reading “Knox Toronto 200th Anniversary Commission”

Verona Quartet and Lunenberg Academy Commission

Sept 11, 2020 – I am excited to be embarking on a full-length string quartet for the renowned Verona Quartet! The piece was commissioned by the Lunenberg Academy of Music with generous assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts, to be premiered in Nova Scotia in Spring 2021. More details on the premiere toContinue reading “Verona Quartet and Lunenberg Academy Commission”

iSing! 2020 Composition Competition

July 15, 2020 – I am happy to announce that my work “Yellow Crane Tower” has won the grand prize from iSing! Composition Competition. The piece is based on a Tang-era poem by Cui Hao, and is scored for tenor, baritone, chorus and orchestra. Congratulations to all the composers! More details on the premiere toContinue reading “iSing! 2020 Composition Competition”

JM Canada Foundation ‘Domicile Adore’ Contest

Updated July 9, 2020 Since live music making is as of yet not an option, many musicians have been collaborating online to create performances in the age of social distancing. I myself am accustomed to writing for live performers, be it soloists or large orchestras. However, I was recently approached by cellist Noemie Raymond-Friset toContinue reading “JM Canada Foundation ‘Domicile Adore’ Contest”