Duet – Clutter

 flute and bass clarinet
Duration:                  5 minutes
Year:                            2017

Complete Performance:

Program Notes:

Commissioned by Access Contemporary Music in Chicago, my piece “Clutter” was inspired by Sedgwick Studios in Chicago.  What struck me most about it were photos of the interior where all types of machinery and materials were scattered around the cavernous space. 
The music I wrote tried to imagine the soundscape that artists and sculptors create as they work on their projects, such as the sounds that emanate from shaping metal and working with resistant materials.   The piece is a celebration of artistic labor, and while the end product can be beautiful, artists must go through the clutter of thoughts and materials to create their masterpiece.

World Premiere:

October 14, 2017 – Access Contemporary Music, Sedgwick Studios, Chicago IL, USA