Duet – Clutter

 flute and bass clarinet
Duration:                  5 minutes
Year:                            2017

Complete Performance:

Program Notes:

Commissioned by Access Contemporary Music in Chicago for their music and architecture series, my piece “Clutter” (2017) is a musical depiction of the interior of the renowned Sedgwick Artist Studio in the heart of Chicago. 

Utilizing several extended techniques, the music for flute and bass clarinet is a re-imagination of the soundscape from within the studio itself, such as the sounds that emanate from shaping metal and working with resistant materials.   “Clutter” is a celebration of artistic labor, and it speaks to the process of de-cluttering that artists must go through to create their masterpiece.

World Premiere:

October 14, 2017 – Access Contemporary Music, Sedgwick Studios, Chicago IL, USA


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