June 2015 – “Continual Awakening” reviewed on Glissando Magazine
Michael Dease, reviewer.

The third selection, [Corr. Roydon Tse’s Continual Awakening] stole my attention with its pulsing stabs, effective soundstage panning and the wonderfully tense release as the plunger-muted trombone choir enters for the first tutti chord…Bennett never fails to set a mood.”

May 2015 – “Continual Awakening” reviewed on Fanfare Magazine
David DeBoor Canfield, reviewer.  More info.

Roydon Tse’s contribution to the concert is his Continual Awakening for eight trombones.  Here the virtuosity level is notched up several degrees given the quick tongued figures that are tossed around from one instrument to the other…It’s certainly an impressive technical achievement for the performer”

May 2015Blues n’Grooves reviewed on Fanfare Magazine
Raymond Tuttle, reviewer.  More info to come.

Blues n’ Grooves  is just that – a soulful and funky bit of absolute music by composer Roydon Tse.”

May 2015“Blues n’Grooves” reviewed on the Fanfare Magazine
Lynn Bayley, reviewer.  More info to come.

…although the first two works on this CD [PEP Vol .1] were written by a Canadian composer (Scott Godin) and a composer from Hong Kong (Roydon Tse), it is the former that sounds more Asian in musical concept and the latter that sounds more Western, specifically kind of a rock and blues sort of style, and interestingly it suits the erhu very well.”

March, 2015 – “Remembrances” reviewed on Music & Vision Classical Magazine
Geoff Pearce, reviewer.  More info.

Roydon Tse’ Remembrances was a real surprise – a lovely heartfelt reminiscence, full of warmth and longing.  Ravel is a strong influence here, and the work is very listenable and one that I expect to often return to.”

February, 2015 – “Blues n’Grooves” reviewed on The WholeNote
Andrew Timar, columnist.  More info

The repertoire on the album all dates from within the last few years. It explores a wide stylistic range, from the alternately sassy, sizzling Blues ’n Grooves (2014) composed by University of Toronto composition student Roydon Tse…a feast for Li’s expressive mastery in the erhu’s upper range.”

February, 2015 – “Footsteps in Campbell House” reviewed on NowToronto
Glenn Sumi, Jon Kaplan, columnists.  More info

“The music is pleasant and lightly scored, the highlights being Tse’s choral hymn following Campbell’s death and Denenberg’s use of Home, Sweet Home near the end of the short work. Fairchild-Taylor brings heartfelt sadness to a lyrical aria of mourning, while Naccarato and Sy’s wooing scenes sparkle.”

February, 2014 – “Three Musings” reviewed in Winnipeg Journal La Liberte
Pierre Meunier, columnist.  More info

“L’OSW (Winnipeg Symphony) était de retour à la salle du Centenaire les mardi et mercredi. On a pu entendre de belles pièces de style classique dont les créations de Three Muslings (2013) de Roydon Tse, œuvre gagnante du Prix des jeunes compositeurs du Centre de musique canadienne (Prairies)”

Deccember, 2013 – Article on UofT News about the CMC Prairies Competition Win
More info

“Roydon is a great addition to our Faculty of Music,” said Professor Hatzis. “He is an exceptionally talented, motivated and hard-working individual whose intuitive compositional insights combined with uncommon intellectual curiosity make his music sound mature beyond his years.”

March, 2011 – “Three Musings” reviewed on Vancouver Sun
David Gordon Duke, columnist.

‘…and as far as I’m concerned…he [Roydon Tse] needs regular commissions and performances! His ‘Three Musings’ would grace any regular concert.’

March, 2010 – “Capriccio” for orchestra reviewed on Vancouver Sun
David Gordon Duke, columnist.

‘[Roydon] has produced a vibrant Capriccio of glittering professionalism.  Tse has mastered a high-gloss approach to orchestral sound that any professional would be happy to have produced.”

September, 2008 – “Remembrances” reviewed on Edmonton Symphony Orchestra blog
Darlene Hilderbrant, blogger

“This piece is called Remembrances and I suspect that it will be the first of many we hear from this prodigy. Awe inspiring, history in the making today.”

August, 2008 – “Remembrances” preview on SEE Magazine Edmonton
Prosper Prodaniuk, columnist.  Interviewee: John Estacio.  More info

“Roydon is quite advanced in his development,” he continues. “He’s well versed in music theory, familiar with orchestra sounds, and has a very good ear. He’s got a very good, clean melodic sense and knew what harmonies to use when.”