Wrapping up the array of Summer Festivities…

So a lot of things have happened since I last posted about piano works being published.  There was the Bozzini Quartet’s Composers’ Kitchen (Jun 3 – 11), then a premiere by the Vanguard Voices in Michigan (Jun 7 – 9), and a month later, I am at the Atlantic Music Festival (July 8 – 21) that is happening right now in Waterville, Maine.  Its unbelievable that there is only two months to go before I begin my masters at the University of Toronto, and there are still many pieces to be written…

I have recently uploaded the performance of “Glorify!” by the glorious Vanguard Voices onto YouTube for you to check out.  The piece received its world premiere in Dearborn, Metro Detroit at their Henry Ford Performing Arts Centre just last month.  I was very fortunate to be there for the premiere and to hear the fruition of a piece that was written almost two years ago, performed by extremely enthusiastic choristers from all backgrounds.

To know that there are people who sacrifice months and months of practice to learn and perfect my work is a moving and humbling thought, and I am ever grateful for the ensemble for their work, encouragement, hospitality (they supplied me with Kebabs for dinner, which apparently was a Detroit special), and their love for music.  Here it is, “Glorify!” performed by the Vanguard Voices and Brass, directed by G.Kevin Dewey.


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