The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra presents “Towards Light”, Jean Coulthard Readings March 2013

The Jean Coulthard readings were named after the late BC composer, Jean Coulthard, and aims to give young emerging composers exposure to orchestral writing and a chance to hear their works performed by one of the major orchestras in Canada.  It is my incredible privilege and honor to be once again selected for these readings and to work with Bramwell Tovey and the musicians of the VSO in shaping my new piece ‘Towards Light‘ for large orchestra.

My work, along with several others by emerging BC composers, will be read by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at the Orpheum Theatre on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 10:00am–1:00pm.  Please come to hear some fabulous music being made at the Orpheum for the price of nothing!

Check out music and scores to find out more information on my two previous works, ‘Capriccio’ (09′) and ‘Three Musings and a Dance’ (10′) which were also read by the VSO.

March 19th Update:

Since writing this post, there has been a slight change in the event.  Gordon Gerrard, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s assistant conductor will be conducting the readings instead of Bramwell Tovey.


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