“Three Musings” wins the 2014 Canadian Music Centre Prairies’ Emerging Composers Prize in association with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Winnipeg…without the snow!

The Canadian Music Centre notified me this morning that I was selected as the 2014 Winner of the CMC Prairie’s Emerging Composers Competition in association with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra!  My orchestral piece “Three Musings” will be performed by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on January 28th 2014 as part of their New Music Festival.  In addition to the performance of “Three Musings” by the WSO in January, the prize also consists of a cash award of $1000.  I am very honoured to have a chance to hear the renowned WSO perform this work under the auspices of their New Music Festival, which has already been heard across Canada with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra.

About the Winning Entry:

Three Musings – a triptych for chamber orchestra” was written in 2010, and is a set of three miniatures entitled “Lullaby”, “Scherzo”, and “Lament”.  Originally conceived as a set of four miniatures, the middle movement was taken out in favor of a slow-fast-slow structure for the piece.  (The omitted movement, “Laid Back“, can be heard on soundcloud)  I wanted to produce a set of four unique studies for orchestra, each featuring different textures and styles.  The first movement entitled Lullaby, is a miniature featuring glissandi in the strings.  Inspired in part by Debussy’s “Nocturnes”, a simple diatonic melody line is passed between the woodwinds and coloured by various instruments in the orchestra.  The second movement “Scherzo” is a jubilant and fun dash for orchestra, the highlight of which is a bombastic duet for double horns.  The “Lament” passes the spotlight to the principal players of the string section as each soloist plays the theme in imitation, creating an overlapping effect.

  The piece received its world premiere with the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra, as the inaugural winner of their National Student Composers Competition in 2010.  It was subsequently read by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in the 2011 Jean Coulthard Readings and by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as part of their 2013 New Creations Festival.  The piece will also be featured with Academy-Award® winning composer Mychael Danna and his piece The Ice Storm in January 2014.

About the Competition:

The Emerging Composer Competition prize, established by an anonymous donor and administered by the Canadian Music Centre, Prairie Region, aims to help young composers establish themselves in this extremely challenging and competitive field. The chance to have a work performed by a professional symphony orchestra is not an opportunity afforded to many composers, and is a great honour. Previous winners include Abigail Richardson, Jocelyn Morlock, and Vincent Ho, among others, who have gone on to very successful composing careers.  (CMC)


For more information about me and my music, feel free to browse my website!

*Feb 5th update – I went on air for Winnipeg’s Classic 107 FM to talk about the WSO performing my piece “Three Musings” with radio host Claudia Garcia de la Huerta.  Feel free to listen to the recorded podcast on soundcloud:

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