“Rondo for Piano Trio and Flute” awarded Second Place at the Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers

Competitions are fickle things.  As a composer, one submits his or her works to competitions throughout their careers in order to get their music heard.  Over the course of my undergraduate degree, I must have submitted to over 50 competitions in Canada and all around the world, most of them ending in rejection.  However, that makes winning all the more sweeter.  The jury from The Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers notified me yesterday that my chamber piece “Rondo for Piano Trio and Flute” (click here for a sample score) was awarded Second Place in their University/Emerging Artists Category!  The piece was written for and performed at the Orford Arts Centre in Quebec last year for the academy under the leadership of Ana Sokolovic.  A second place is not first place, but I am nonetheless ecstatic at this news and at the possibility of my work taking a life of its own when it will be performed to audiences in Houston Texas in the coming year.  More details about the performance and competition to follow, but you can hear the world premiere performance of the piece right here, right now:

I want to publicly thank performers Illya Filshtinskiy (piano), Katha Zinn (violin), Audrey Watkins (flute), Noemie Raymond-Fiset (cello) and conductor Sanja Brankovic for mounting a successful premiere of my piece in Orford last year and for this beautiful recording.  These are spectacular artists and I am sure you will be hearing their names in the near future.

- Roydon

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  1. Congrats on your great finish in the competition! And on the awesome recording at Orford. I wrote kind of a sarcastic blog post about competitions a while ago… it can feel futile and daunting. Good for you for getting your work out into the world. :)


    1. Thanks David!

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